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As well as providing the perfect setting, Richmond Villages Wood Norton offers all the services and facilities you need to live your ideal life.

Wellness Spa
Whether you are looking for a feel-good treatment, a full gym work out or just to relax and unwind in the pool and spa, the Wellness spa is the perfect place to be.
Café Bar
This is the social hub of the village where you can enjoy a morning coffee, lunchtime drink or evening cocktails. Warm and welcoming, our friendly staff and views of the garden make this a great place to socialise.
Open 7 days a week, you can enjoy a meal here every day if you wish, or just treat yourself from time to time, the choice is yours. Private dining can also be arranged for those special occasions.
Activities and I.T. Room
This perfect creative space provides a wide range of materials, resources and equipment where you can discover or develop new arts and crafts, or even learn new computer skills.
The Library
A comprehensive collection of books is available to be enjoyed both by life-long bookworms or those who just want to peruse the papers. This restful space also provides a quiet place in which to enjoy a game of chess, cards or jigsaw puzzle.
Residents’ Lounge
The perfect place to meet with friends, or the location of one of the many social events that take place in the Village. A relaxing room to enjoy on your own or with friends.
Private Cinema Room
Richmond Villages Wood Norton is our first village to boast our very own private cinema room.
Gardens & Terraces
The Village is surrounded by mature woodland and gardens, which our gardening team maintain to the highest standards. There are also a number of terraces where you can to sit out and enjoy the fresh air and views of the surrounding countryside.
The Richmond Villages Wood Norton drivers offer regular scheduled trips for shopping as well as organised excursions to local places of interest.


News and Events

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Reduce Your Cost of Living with our Energy Efficient, Low Maintenance Properties
With the continuing rise of energy prices, there has been no better time to move into one of our purpose-built retirement properties.
Jubilee Recipe: Our Classic Scones with Jam and Clotted Cream
Impress all your family and friends this Jubilee weekend with this delicious homemade scones with jam and clotted cream recipe.
Resident Aged 98 Continues To Put Fitness First At Richmond Villages Wood Norton
Bob Lewis, who has written a book all about keen interest for fitness and wellbeing at the age of 98, continues his at Richmond Villages Wood Norton, thanks to the village’s best-in-class Wellness Spa. Fitness remains an integral part of Bob’s day-to-day life, and his daily routine includes regular exercise. Moving to the village in 2019, Bob was one of the very first residents in the assisted living suites. Bob admires the beautiful environment and friendly staff at the village, and has even signed up for the ‘lifestyle package’ to make the most of the delicious meals on offer to Wood Norton residents
Richmond Villages Wood Norton Harvest Festival and Open Day
You are invited to Join us at our Harvest Festival and Open Day on Tuesday 4th October at 10.30am – 2.30pm

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