Enjoy the safety, security and sociability that retirement villages provide.
Apartments, suites and wellness facilities with care and lifestyle packages to suit your needs.
Rightsize your home to suit the lifestyle you want to lead.

Richmond Retirement Villages

Recreating communities with traditional values together with luxury state-of-the-art facilities.

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Retirement Villages – The Concept

Retirement Villages are a relatively new concept in this country; Richmond Villages has been one of the founding pioneers to bring it to the UK opening our first village in South Cheshire more than 20 years ago. Retirement Villages encompass a range of living options built around a village centre that includes community amenities such as a restaurant, resident’s lounge and wellness facilities.

Retirement Villages – The Lifestyle

The true sense of community has returned by fusing an exceptionally high standard of accommodation and luxury amenities with state of the art wellness facilities and innovative activity programmes all of which makes it possible to live your best life at Richmond Villages.

A Lovely Way to Live

Residents at Richmond Villages who have rightsized their home find they have more time and energy for family, start to relish new hobbies and friendships, and have an enjoyable lifestyle that is worry and stress free.

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Who is a Retirement Village for?

Anyone purchasing and living within a Richmond Village will be aged 55 and over. We warmly welcome family members, friends and local people of all ages to help enhance the fantastic sense of community at each of our Villages.