Richmond Wood Norton Village Suites

The ultimate worry-free choice when it comes to retirement living

A Village Suite at Wood Norton will offer you the opportunity to retain your independence whilst receiving support with daily tasks that might have started to overwhelm you.

You might not be ready for a move into a care home – physically or emotionally – and owning your own property will still be important to you. Buying a Village Suite allows you to enjoy a stress and worry free life. Our lifestyle packages are designed to complement your purchase and for an agreed monthly fee will take care of paying the utility bills, cooking, cleaning as well as much more.

They are built within the Village Centre near to all the main facilities making it quick and easy for you to get around. You will have access to all the fabulous facilities including

  • Bredon View Restaurant, where your daily meals can be served
  • Stylish bar and café area
  • Fabulous state of the art spa, home to the gym and fitness classes
  • Resident Lounge, Activity Room and Library where events and activities take place
  • Private dining available to hire for special occasions;
  • 12 Seater Cinema Room

Each Village Suite features a kitchenette which you can furnish with a microwave, kettle and toaster so you can prepare snacks and hot drinks. All meals can be served to you in the main restaurant, or – for a small charge – direct to your room which is perfect for times when you might be recovering from illness or feeling under the weather.

There is a good sized lounge with room for a dining table, sofa/armchairs and connections for a TV, WiFi and phone. Large windows throughout your property will let in the natural daylight and give you a chance to indulge in those fabulous countryside views. We also include an emergency call system for when those times arise when you need help most.

One and two bedroom suites start at a purchase price of £231K* for a one bedroomed property; you can also rent Village Suites at Wood Norton. Please make and enquiry to find out more.

* Other costs and charges apply. Please download the All You Need to Know brochure for more information.

Living the Suite Life

Purchasing a Village Suite at Richmond Villages welcomes you into a world of stress-free luxury where your time can be spent doing more of what you love and less on daily tasks and chores. Living in a suite will free up your days to enjoy the wealth of facilities on your doorstep and a busy social life that awaits.

Features & Benefits

Lifestyle package

one easy payment for bills, meals, cleaning and laundry

Extra support

care packages tailored to your personal needs

Low maintenance

enjoy a home which is easy to heat and look after


within the village complex making it easy to get around

Safe and secure

use the call system in an emergency

Health and wellbeing

state-of-the-art facilities on your doorstep

Why Buy a Retirement Property With Us

Assurance of owning a property (compared to equity schemes or renting accommodation)

Help and guidance to resell your property

Superior build quality – under warranty for 2 years and guaranteed for 10 years with Protek

Ongoing village maintenance to ensure your investment is protected

Richmond is owned by BUPA – an international healthcare business founded in 1947

Rental at Richmond

An exclusive selection of our properties are available to rent, starting from just £126 per day, providing you with a wider range of options when it comes to moving into a Richmond Village.

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Richmond Wood Norton Suite features
Retain your independence and enjoy a better quality of life in a one or two bedroom Village Suite.

Each Suite offers

  • Ergonomically designed modern kitchenette
  • Sitting room
  • Master bedroom with stylish en suite
  • Emergency 24-hour call system to Richmond Wood Norton’s on-site care team

The Lifestyle Package includes

  • All meals either taken in the restaurant or served in your suite
  • Housekeeping service including stocking of your kitchenette with basic provisions e.g. milk, butter, bread, cereals, tea, coffee etc
  • Laundry service including personal clothing, bedding and towels collected and delivered to your suite
  • Utilities – Heating, lighting and water

The Suite life is all about

  • Enhancing lifestyle and quality of life
  • Enjoying the comforts of your own beautifully appointed apartment
  • Clubs, activities and entertainment
  • Great food, freshly prepared
  • Chores such as cleaning, washing and ironing taken care of
  • Making friends and getting to know like-minded people

Village Transport Service

If you no longer drive or don’t have a car then the Richmond Wood Norton’s drivers run regular scheduled shopping trips into town as well as excursions to local places of interest.

Wellness Spa
Membership included

All Richmond Wood Norton residents enjoy membership to the wellness spa.

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