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To provide you with all the key information about owning a property at a Richmond Village and to answer the most frequently asked questions, we have a booklet called 'All you need to know'. A downloadable version of the booklet is available at the bottom of the page or please contact us for a hard copy.

Service Charge

A key benefit to living at Richmond Village is the level of care, support and services that are available to make life more comfortable and enjoyable. The core services we provide are paid for via the Service Charge which everyone who lives in either a Village Apartment or Village Suite contribute to. The service charge covers everything from buildings insurance and maintenance to use of the vehicles and taking part in the activities and events.

For a comprehensive list of what the service charge covers please download the 'All you need to know' PDF. The graph below shows the actual weekly charge over the past 5 years. The current weekly fee at Richmond Nantwich is £86.60. If, at the end of the year, not all monies paid have been spent, then a refund is given to each resident.

Transfer Fee Payment

Your lease includes a provision for a payment to Richmond on the sale of your apartment in the future when the lease is assigned to a new owner. This payment is a percentage of the price at which your apartment is sold and varies according to how long you have owned the property.

A full explanation of the re-assignment fee is available by downloading the 'All you need to know' PDF.

Selling your Property at Richmond Village

When the time comes to sell your property you can rest assured Richmond Villages will assist you with all aspects of the selling process. All our villages have full time, experienced village advisers who will assist you and your family to ensure you achieve the best price in the shortest time possible. Unlike conventional estate agents our advisers will have a large database of people who have enquired about our properties, meaning there should be ready stream of potential buyers.

To find out more about how Richmond Villages will help sell your property please download the 'All you need to know' PDF.

All you need to know
All you need to know 2