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Richmond Villages - Caring for you

Are the properties freehold or leasehold?


Does the service charge cover my household contents insurance?

No, the service charge only covers building insurance and you are strongly advised to take out your own insurance for household contents.

Does the service charge cover internal decoration and maintenance of my suite or apartment?

You are responsible for the internal decoration and maintenance of your suite or apartment.

How much have service charge costs changed in recent years?

Details of the annual service charge costs over recent years can be found on the leasehold cost webpages of each village. For details of the current years interim service charge please contact the village adviser. The interim service charge is a budgeted figure and the actual costs are confirmed following each year end and are subject to external audit. This may result in a refund or additional payment.

Do Richmond Villages sell properties to investors or for buy-to-let purposes?

Richmond Villages sell to owner occupiers only. Sub-letting is not normally permitted.

If we move out of the village, or upon our death, how is our property sold and is there a charge?

RV offers a free estate agency service to assist you in selling your property. RV charges an Assignment Fee of 6% - 10% depending on how long you have been living in the village. You can instruct an estate agent if you wish, but you will be liable for all estate agent fees. For further information please visit our Leasehold Costs page.

Do I have a dedicated car parking space?

If you have a car, a space will be allocated as close to your apartment as possible for your exclusive use. If you do not own a car, or cease to drive, you will not have any allocated parking. All unallocated parking is available for guests and visitors. All cars must be taxed, insured and legally road worthy.

Are pets, cats and dog, permitted?

Yes, pets are allowed as long as they are not causing a nuisance to your neighbours or other residents.

Are any apartments available for rent?

Apartments are occasionally available on a short hold tenancy agreement, for availability please contact the Village Advisers at the individual village

Can I rent a Village Suite?

We have a limited number of Village Suites available for rental on Assured Shorthold Tenancies. Please contact the Village of interest for more details and availability.

Is there accommodation available for friends and family?

Yes, but this is subject to forward booking and availability. Richmond Retreats offers accommodation within the village. Please speak to the village advisers for details of prices and availability.

Does the domiciliary care agency provide nursing care?

No, the domiciliary care agency is able to provide personal care and other services in your home.

Is there a care home on site?

Yes, all of our villages have a care home. Please contact the village adviser to find out about care services provided at each location.

Is the domiciliary care agency and care home managed solely by Richmond Villages?

Yes, both the domiciliary care agency and the care home are managed by Richmond Villages as are all other services within the village

Are there any guarantees in place to ensure that the care home and domiciliary care agency doesn't close down?

Yes. The lease states that the landlord must provide a registered care home and a registered domiciliary care agency.

Do I need to get any advice?

Like any property purchase it is advisable to get appropriate legal and financial advice.