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  • Compare the Meerkat at Richmond Nantwich

Compare the Meerkat at Richmond Nantwich

2 October 2015

Residents at Richmond Village Nantwich had some very unusual
visitors recently as two tortoises, a skunk, an owl and a 6 month old meerkat
called Tamu came to visit, courtesy of Zoo2U.

Whilst the tortoises, owl and skunk were all quiet and well-behaved,
Tamu the meerkat was rather more curious and insisted on exploring as much as
he could. Tori, his handler explained that he enjoyed playing with her pet Chihuahua
and was learning lots of new tricks, including how to stand upright; a skill
that apparently they have to learn from their elders! Tamu then went on to
visit Residents in their rooms including Mrs Betty Bostwick who said “What a
wonderful little thing he is!” Tori went on to explain that he only had one ear
as his mother has been a little too enthusiastic when she had petted him as a

Louise Trigger, Senior Care Assistant added “He is so cute –
can I take him home?”

Everybody decided that they did not need to compare any more
meerkats as Tamu was definitely their favourite!