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  • Richmond Northampton Knitted By Nanna's

Richmond Northampton Knitted By Nanna's

22 August 2010

Richmond Northampton residents are knitting for Age Concern.

For every hat we send to innocent, Age Concern will receive 25p to use for their needs. The residents love making these, they are simple and easy to make with hardly any sewing up to do and are so quick even activities co-coordinator Christopher is making them after learning to knit using a pattern with residents!

If you would like to help please send us you’re knitted hats to –

Christopher Rayatt

Richmond Northampton,
Bridge Meadow Way,
Grange Park,

Telephone: 01604 432635


Please see below for knitted hat pattern or copy and paste the link below –



1. Pop your feet up with a cup of tea.

2. Using double knitting yarn and some small needles, cast on 28 stitches.

3. Knit 2 rows. Then, starting with a knit row, work in stocking stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row, knit 1 row etc) for 12 more rows.

4. For the next row, knit 2 together to the end (14 stitches). And for the row after that, purl 2 together to the end (7 stitches).

5. When you've finished, cut the yarn leaving about 25 cm. Thread the cut end of the yarn through a sewing needle, then run it through the loops and remove the knitting needle (fig. A).

6. Tighten the yarn (fig. B) and sew the little hat together at the side (fig. C). Once finished, turn it right-side out so that the seam you've just sewn runs up the inside.

7. Just to check you're on the right track we reckon when laid out flat, the hat dimensions should be about 5-7cm along the bottom and at least 3cm high.

8. Sew a little bobble onto the top of the hat. If you didn't learn how to make bobbles at school like us, ask at your local wool shop or department store – they'll be able to help you. 1. Relax in your favourite armchair.