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Richmond Northampton Rainbows Of Hope

16 July 2010

Richmond Northampton resident Mavis Jackson is a talented song and poem writer dedicated to her work.

Mavis has written many songs and poems but is now looking to produce a series of professional CD’s to raise money for a children’s orphanage in South Africa. Mavis said” my husband Rod and I visited the orphanage when we were out in South Africa in February. There are 74 orphans each of which have lost both parents to HIV or Aids, My dream is to produce, three CDs and if of a good
enough quality sell them for £4.99 each. This money I would then like to be only used for the education of children at the orphanage.

Mavis would like to hear from anyone with musical talent whether you can sing or play an instrument to help create the charity CD and would welcome you to contact her.

Please call Social & Recreational Therapist Christopher Rayatt on 01604 432635 for details.