Strength in Community: The Future of UK Dementia Care

Over 920,000 people in the UK are living with dementia, including one in six over the age of 80.

With figures expected to almost double to 1.6 million within the next 20 years, finding better ways to support people with dementia and their loved ones is a priority – not only for care providers, but society at large.

Partnering with YouGov, we spoke to over 1,000 people who care for, or have previously cared for, a loved one with dementia. This report gives clear insights into the challenges carers currently face, what they value in care and what they want to see in the future.

It comes at a time when dementia care in the UK is changing. Inspired by success in the Netherlands, a new ‘household’ care model is putting people’s independence at their heart of their care, whilst retaining links to their community.

Along with other changes inspired by carers, this new model is discussed within the report, as we look towards the future of UK dementia care.

A word from Philippa Fieldhouse, Managing Director for Richmond Villages

With the right support in place, people with dementia can live happy, healthy and meaningful lives.

However, we understand that a dementia diagnosis can also pose challenges, both for individuals and their loved ones around them.

Everybody’s experience of dementia will be different, but there are some clear themes in the insights carers shared, such as the importance of promoting independence and a sense of community.

That’s why I’m proud to see Richmond Villages Willaston launch as one of the first specialist dementia villages in the UK.

Its new approach puts residents at the heart of their own care, encouraging them to retain independence and live life as they choose.

It also brings residents together, creating small shared households to help create bonds and reduce feelings of loneliness, which are more common amongst people with dementia.

Having seen first-hand the success that this new approach is having in the Netherlands, I’m excited to see its impact here in the UK.

Along with the insights from this report, the learnings from this village will shape the future of care across Bupa’s other care homes and villages, widening our offer so people can find the care most suited to their needs.

It is also our hope that this report will also inspire others to champion dementia-friendly communities, helping create a better and more inclusive future.

Did you know?

  • Half of carers say they are not confident in providing sufficient care at home
  • Nearly three quarters worry about keeping them safe from harm
  • A third of carers feel there is a gap for innovation in dementia care
  • 88% of carers want an environment that encourages active, independent living
  • 42% found that retaining independence had a positive impact on their loved one’s condition
  • Over a third of carers feel that dementia care should involve the wider local community

Strength in Community: The Future of UK Dementia Care

Read the full report here

Richmond Villages Willaston


Inspired by a transformational approach to dementia care from the Netherlands, our philosophy is to support people to live as independently as possible for as long as possible.

Our model is quite different from traditional dementia care settings. This can really help to maintain proactive and positive lifestyles. Within Richmond Villages Willaston is also a 35-bed care home. This means that those living with more advanced stages of dementia can progress to a higher level of care.

Find out more about Richmond Villages Willaston here.

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