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Open Plan - An absolute must when it comes to modern living
13th May 2022

Opting for a property that provides an open plan living space allows for many practical benefits with its multifunctionality. 

Natural light and airflow 

One of the biggest benefits to open plan living is the excellent airflow and increased light gained by opening up the rooms. Eliminating walls allows for a natural flow between different zones and sunlight streaming in through the windows can make its way from one side of the home to the other. 

A sociable space 

Removing the walls between communal areas of the home encourages a more social lifestyle and enables you to entertain friends and family with ease. Meal preparation can be carried out in the kitchen while family and friends relax or watch a film in the lounge as part of the same space. The biggest benefit here is the extra family time that you’ll be able to enjoy. 

Bigger rooms 

Although technically there are fewer rooms, the amount of space you gain for your ‘zones’ will be much bigger, and you’ll have a home where no corner is wasted. Making better use of space and creating the illusion of a bigger living area will add value to your property. 


Open plan layouts give you the freedom to rearrange your room and adapt if your lifestyle changes. Whether it’s furniture composition, minor modifications, or how you prefer to use the space, having an open plan living area will give you endless possibilities. 

Our Villages in Aston-on-Trent, Cheltenham and Wood Norton have been designed with modern living in mind. With properties available to buy, rent or purchase through shared ownership, many offer flexible open plan living spaces, perfect for when family and friends come to visit. 

Contact our Village Advisers for more information or book a show round and see if open plan living is for you.