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Couple Reunited With Family As They Enjoy New Life At Local Retirement Village
15th February 2022

Originally from a small village just outside Canterbury, Kent, the move to Richmond Villages Wood Norton was an exciting shift and big change in the lives of married couple, Gillian, aged 78, and Peter Darby, aged 79.

Together, the couple have three sons, Robert, Edward, and Peter, who live in, Cheltenham, Bristol, and the USA. A move to Richmond Villages Wood Norton meant that Gillian and Peter were able to live within an hour away from two of their children – a welcome change from their original home down in Canterbury.

Since moving to the village, the couple are particularly pleased with the quality and size of their apartment and have since added their own touches to make it feel like home, with Peter even turning the second bedroom into a self-confessed ‘man cave’ to watch TV and play music.

Speaking about their home, Gillian said: “I absolutely love our flat because it feels homely and that’s really important to us, especially after such a big move. We were worried we’d feel homesick, moving so far away from Kent, however being able to add our own special touches to the apartment has been a brilliant way for us to feel right at home. It’s exactly what we wanted. We love the outdoor terrace and can’t wait for summer to sit and enjoy a coffee.”

The significant move was made even easier thanks to Senior Move Partnership, who were on hand to assist the couple every step of the way. Trained in interior design, the company took Gillian and Peter’s existing furniture and laid out the apartment before they even arrived, with Peter claiming the service was “brilliant.”

Day-to-day, the couple love to socialise and have made new friends at the village. With Peter playing Bridge and Gillian visiting the luxurious pool at the village’s spa, they have been able to establish new friendships quickly.

Whilst the village hosts an array of on-site activities, Gillian and Peter want to enjoy more of these later down the line, appreciating there isn’t the pressure to get involved in everything, commenting: “We were slightly worried that we would be urged to join in activities, and we haven’t been, and that suites us fine. We look forward to joining them but want to do so at our own pace. In the meantime, we are enjoying our trips to the theatre, which is only twenty minutes away, and visiting the local area for meals out. It’s great you have the flexibility and choice to explore both the village and what the local area has to offer.”

Reflecting on their time at the village to date, Peter said: “We are thrilled to be living here and have definitely made the right decision. There’s so much to do every day and we’re continuing to find more fun things to do at the village as our time here grows. The village really couldn’t have been a better fit for us. Both Gillian and I looked at lots of homes and properties before choosing Richmond Villages Wood Norton, but without a doubt we know we have made the right choice. The whole village is lovely, and the architecture is superb. We think the village and life here is exceptional, it’s just what we want.”