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RV Hero Stories | Karen
8th June 2021

Our Domiciliary Care role at Richmond Villages Aston-on-Trent is no ordinary Domiciliary Care role and we spoke to Karen, from the team, to find out just why that is. 


How long have you been working at Richmond Villages Aston-on-Trent?

It will be 4 years ago in July that I started as a Domiciliary Care Assistant.


What made you originally go into Domiciliary Care?            

I’ve always enjoyed caring for others and listening to people’s stories and I wanted a busy role where there would be variety throughout the day so Domiciliary Care seemed like the best fit for me.


Have you worked for other Domiciliary Care providers before? If yes, what’s the difference between other Domiciliary Care roles and Richmond Villages?

I’ve only ever worked in Domiciliary Care roles, but my experience has predominantly been in the community. The biggest differences at Richmond Villages are that you don’t have to drive around and that your paid for the full 12 or 6 hours depending on your rostered hours. With other providers you could be sent anywhere each day but Richmond Villages Aston-on-Trent is a small village so you can walk around to each service user which means you get to spend more time with each person.


Did you have preconceptions about working in Domiciliary Care at Richmond Villages before you started?

When I first applied, I was worried that because the role was based in the Village that it would be similar to working in a care home role, and that just wasn’t for me. I like to be out and about during the day rather than in one place. After having my interview, I was reassured that I’d still have the freedom to move around during the day, I just wouldn’t have to travel as far! From assisted living in the Village Suites to those living in the Village Apartments – there’s still a lot of variety each day even though I’m not driving around to different areas, and I love that.


Do you have a favourite memory from your time in Domiciliary Care at Richmond Villages Aston-on-Trent?

Before the pandemic, we used to host parties and Waltzes at the Village for all the residents. There was one time, I remember standing to the side watching everyone dance and one of the residents grabbed my hand and said, “can I have this dance?” I said, “I don’t know how to do this” and he just said, “I’ll show you” and guided me towards the dance floor. We were on the dance floor for ages and people were clapping and cheering us on – I think that’s my fondest memory so far, it just really sticks out in my mind.


What do you think about the support with training and development that’s offered at Richmond Villages?

We get a lot of support with training – at the moment it’s mostly online due to COVID but we still have access to a variety of courses. If there’s anything we’d like to do, we’re able to put it forward to management and they’ll review the request. We’re really encouraged to keep developing and supported to do it as well.


What’s your favourite thing about working in Domiciliary Care at Richmond Villages Aston-on-Trent?

What initially attracted me to the role was not having to drive around all day and not going through as much petrol! I love that I can park my car in the morning and walk to visit my service users in the village. But that’s not what’s kept me here.

It’s like a second home and we’re all a little family. There’s a great support network at the village and all the teams support each other – it doesn’t matter what area you work in. From the Village Manager and Heads of Department to the Village staff and the on-site care home staff, I know there’s always someone on site that can help if I have any queries. Above all, my favourite thing is looking after people. I go home each day feeling satisfied that I’ve helped someone and made their day better. That’s why I’ve stayed at Richmond Villages Aston-on-Trent, and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!


Has Karen got you thinking about a career in Domiciliary Care at Richmond Villages? To find out more about our available vacancies and to apply visit our careers page.