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RV Hero Stories | Meet Sue
7th October 2020

It’s an absolute pleasure to work alongside such talented and caring people at Richmond Villages. Sue Jarvis, Domiciliary Carer at Richmond Painswick, shares with us her passion for painting and career journey so far.

I have always been interested in painting and when I left school, I had my first exhibition at age 19 with my mother and another man who did metal sculpture. We did it to raise funds for disabled children and it was very successful; I sold my first painting of a herd of horses in the mist.

I worked for town planning in the drawing office and then went to the drawing office in the electrical department. After having met my husband who was a wildlife conservationist, I began painting wildlife. We built a game park for the wildlife society and formed a committee to raise money for educational purposes.  Through lots of hard work, we all managed to raise a lot of funding and this enabled us to introduce elephants and rhino into the park.  I started painting cards and calendars to help raise funds.

We started a family and moved to the North East of Zimbabwe to another safari park.  We started doing kids camps but unfortunately with the political situation we were not able to fulfil our dreams and turned to tourism instead. I lived there until my 60th birthday which then bought me to England. I got a job with a care company in England and was based in Kent and London for two years, as a live-in carer. I moved to Painswick as I have family living in Stroud and Cheltenham and on the same day as securing accommodation, I was also accepted to Richmond Painswick. 

I work reasonable hours which then enables me to still have time to paint which is still a very big passion for me.  I also like to dabble in pottery.   
I love this role because the residents and colleagues are fabulous. This includes personal care and companionship – every day can be different with lots of variety.  I used to drive past Richmond Painswick and wonder whether working in such a lovely Cotswold setting would ever be possible.  The gardens here are beautiful and with a spa you can have beauty treatments, use the gym, have a swim or have a massage – it’s a fabulous place and I love working here!