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'I wish my mother could see me now!' - Ivy takes to water at the age of 94
27th January 2020

Ivy Waller lived alone before moving to Richmond Witney. While the initial decision to move was difficult to make, since living at Richmond Witney she hasn’t looked back and has even learnt to swim for the first time at the age of 94.

Commenting on life at Richmond Witney, Ivy says “The staff are just super! They are what makes life here what it is. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for us all. Everyone is happy to go above and beyond at any time of the day or night, and if they hadn’t been so kind and thoughtful I don’t think I could have stayed here, they have really made me feel at home.”

One member of Witney’s team Ivy has a particular fondness for is pool instructor, Rachel. Having feared water for 90 years, Ivy started swimming having been given the encouragement and the confidence to do so by Rachel. Explaining the change of heart, Ivy comments, “One day the fitness instructors here asked if I’d like to try swimming, and I simply replied yes why not? I feel confident to try anything here and felt at ease in the water with Rachel straight away.”

“The facilities at Richmond Villages are wonderful, it’s been so beneficial for me being able to try out different things and figure out what I enjoy doing. I remember thinking that if I didn’t try it now then I never would. Now I relish my time in the pool each week and am very proud of the progress I have made – I wish my mother could see me now as she wouldn’t believe it!”

Ivy continues her weekly swims with the support of Rachel and the rest of the team, and is enjoying living life to the full at Richmond Villages.