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New Year, New Mind, Body & Soul
9th January 2020

Living well and taking care of our general wellbeing is becoming a firm focus for many of us and very fashionable. But what if you have reached your senior years never having been a gym guru? Maybe you think it’s just too late to start thinking about your health and happiness. It’s never too late! So, if you’re a bit worried about getting started let’s help you reconsider a few things.

‘I’m too old’

Without realising you may have settled in to a more sedentary lifestyle and perhaps don’t know how to make small steps that could make a big difference. Exercising in your older years can lower your risk of conditions like dementia, heart disease, cancer, stroke and osteoporosis. Being physically active can also keep your mind and soul in a good place as the endorphins released trigger positive feelings.

‘Where do I begin?’

Pilates and yoga are great for helping you gain flexibility, improve balance and build core strength, all of which will help you with your confidence to go forward. Once you have built up your core you will be able to complete more strength exercises. Professional trainers will be able to find you comfortable and achievable routines to work your body appropriately. As you may be more prone to injuries and strains, always seek advice when starting out.

‘I’m too embarrassed to join a gym’

You could consider a personal trainer who will get you started and be able to help in a more private environment until you find more confidence.

Local classes are another way to get things underway. Remember everyone will have started just like you and you may find this is a way to make new friends, which is a bonus!   

‘How do I know what will make a difference?’

If you have no present health conditions that affect your mobility, guidelines suggest 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic activity every week is the right goal. This can be broken down into 30 minutes 5 times a week and could include Nordic walking, visiting the driving range, a quick swim or cycling in the park

Quick Tips for Feeling Good

Walk It Out

A good walk is a great way to calm your thoughts. Take in everything around you. At this time of year, the ground may feel crisp beneath your feet and there will be beautiful wintery scenes to admire.

Focus on You

Take a few minutes daily to check in with yourself. It may be as simple as stopping to really enjoy a cup of tea instead of trying to complete several things while you drink it, or running a warm bubble bath for you to indulge in.

Keep Positive

Studies show many benefits of gratitude and being reflective on the positives in your life. Set up your day by jotting down three things you are grateful for and before you go to bed, write three more. In keeping a record, you can flick back whenever you need a little lift.

Music Therapy

Listening to music reduces anxiety and improves mood. You may love listening to music being very still and calm, or you might enjoy a quick crazy dance to your favourite upbeat tune.

Keep it Crafty

Participating in arts and crafts has been linked to stress reduction and has mental health benefits too. Enjoy some very ‘on trend’ hobbies including macramé, journal writing and colouring, or seek out a local class such as floristry, art or pottery.

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Thanks to Emma Mitchell, Physiotherapist at Bupa UK