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The Right to Voice Comments,
Suggestions & Complaints
At Richmond Villages we encourage all residents and family members to express their views about the quality of care and services and for suggested remedies or improvements. We also encourage residents and family members to let staff know when services and policies are satisfactory and should continue unchanged.

All of Richmond Villages’ staff are expected to listen courteously and respectfully to concerns or complaints and attempt to resolve them. If staff are not able to do so, they should attempt to explain the reason for the procedure or incident in question. If you are not satisfied, staff will explain the company’s policy for making a complaint, which is as follows:

  • A formal complaint will usually be made in writing and will be passed on to the Village Manager
  • The Village Manager will maintain copies of all complaints received and will retain oversight of the complaints process
  • An acknowledgement letter will be sent in response to all formal complaints within 2 calendar days. A copy of the leaflet ‘How to raise a concern or make a complaint’ will be provided with the acknowledgement letter to ensure that complainants are fully aware of the process and their right to seek independent redress if they are unhappy with the outcome
  • An investigation will be conducted and response completed within 20 days
  • If for any reason the complaint response cannot be completed within the timescale, the Village Manager will explain why and agree a new deadline with the complainant
  • The complainant will be given a named contact who they may liaise with regarding the progress of the complaint
  • All formal complaints, the outcomes and any action agreed will be documented and a record maintained to facilitate learning and improvement.
  • A final decision in writing will be issued to the complainant within 20 calendar days of receiving a complaint, unless a later deadline has previously been agreed with the complainant
  • If the complainant is not satisfied with the initial response the Village Manager will escalate the matter internally to the Operations Director, who will provide a ‘final decision’ on the matter.

Another way to air comments, suggestions or complaints is through the residents’ or relatives’ meetings.

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