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Richmond Villages - Caring for you

Are the properties freehold or leasehold?


Can I rent a Village Suite?

We have a limited number of Village Suites available for rental on Assured Short Hold Tenancies. Please contact Village of interest for more details and availability.

If we move out of the village, or upon our death, how is our property sold and is there a charge?

RV offers a free estate agency service to assist you in selling your property. RV charges an Assignment Fee of 6% - 10% depending on how long you have been living in the village. You can instruct an estate agent if you wish, but you will be liable for all estate agent fees. For further information please visit our Leasehold Costs page.

If I move from a Village Apartment to a Village Suite do I still pay the Assignment Fee?

The assignment fee on transfer would be levied on the difference between the prices of the two properties, provided that it was you that was continuing your residency.

Would pets, e.g. a small dog be permitted?

Pets are allowed within reason and upon agreement with the Village Manager.

Are there garages available for cars?

No, although some villages do have car ports. Car parking will be allocated convenient to your apartment. However, if you sell your car, this space then becomes available for all to use.

Is there accommodation available for friends and family?

Most villages do have accommodation available for family and friends. A small bed and breakfast charge is made.

Is the domiciliary care agency and nursing home managed solely by Richmond Villages?

Yes. All staff, including gardeners, maintenance, drivers as well as nurses and carers are employed by Richmond Villages.

Are there any guarantees in place to ensure that the care home and domiciliary care agency doesn't close down?

Yes. The lease states that the landlord must provide a registered care home and a registered domiciliary care agency.