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Richmond Villages Art Competition

15 April 2016

Art has always been understood as being an enjoyable activity, painting, pastels & drawing for example. As creative outputs, these are fairly easy to do and wouldn’t require very expensive tools. One can simply have a pencil or paintbrush and a notebook to begin making their artworks.

Because painting and drawing are very accessible and interesting tasks to perform, many people choose to paint or draw during their free time. However, more than just being a favorite pastime, there are many health benefits of painting and drawing… creativity using the brain, sharpening minds through imagination and thinking, communication, stress relief, co-ordination and helping to improve mobility.

Given the various health benefits of painting and drawing, it is clear these activities can be very useful in promoting the welfare of an individual. As anyone can engage in painting and drawing, these activities are definitely worth a try. As a result, Richmond Retirement Villages decided to hold an inter-Village competition throughout our sites.

Residents from each site, some with very limited mobility, have been submitting their work & the final is being held at Richmond Bede Village on the outskirts of Coventry this Friday at 2pm. We have invited judges from the community to attend to help with the judging. Lyndsey Searle, Exhibition Officer from Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery is visiting, along with local illustrator Simon Myers, who is currently designing the covers for the Doctor Who comic books, & founder of ‘Drink & Draw’... a free social event for anyone who likes drawing, with the next one being held at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery later this month.

Please join us and help bring the community together, and allow us to show that it is still possible to learn and take part in new things... whatever age you are!

For more information about the events at Richmond Bede Village, please call us on 024 76645544.